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15 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Posted by GSolusi on Tuesday, October 27, 2009, In : Internet Marketing 

There are many factors that make blogs much better than normal WebPages including the speed at which blogs are indexed, ability to submit to blog directories & normal directories, pings and track backs. All these little things can help drive more traffic to blogs. Here are 15 popular techniques you can use:

1.) Create at least four keyword posts per day. Most of the top blogs such as Boing Boing, Daily Kos, and Instapundit (with literally tens of ...

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Affiliate Funnel Is A Different Way Of Thinking When It Comes To Downline Building

Posted by GSolusi on Friday, October 23, 2009, In : Internet Marketing 

Downline building has been around since the beginning of the internet. The offer is very exciting, let people know about your product or service, refer a few folks and presto, you are on your way to massive success. What's the problem with this scenario though?

Simple, downline building isn't as effective as it once was years ago. Sure there are people making lots of money online using their downlines and affiliate marketing strategies but during the past few years a change has been taking...
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List Hero

Posted by GSolusi on Thursday, October 22, 2009, In : Internet Marketing 
ListHero Is The Fastest, Easiest, Simplest
Way To Build Your List For Free...

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Free Listbuilding Software

Posted by GSolusi on Thursday, October 22, 2009, In : Internet Marketing 

I'm evaluating a viral listbuilding software tool from the folks at It's the fastest, simplest and easiest way to build your list that I've seen in a long while.

Here's all you do...

  • Create a short ad that promotes your newsletter or ezine
  • Add some code to the pages of your website
  • ... sit back and watch your list grow.

ListHero helps you generate 1,000's of highly targeted subscribers for free and pays you generous affiliate commissions as your list grows.

I'll let you know w...

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Best Effective Ways to Boost Banner

Posted by GSolusi on Monday, October 19, 2009, In : Internet Marketing 
10 Effective Ways to Boost Banner Click-through
By Chee Wee
Banner advertising is one of the most widely used marketing medium on the Internet. Though banner click-throughs have decreased to less than 1.0% in the past year, it is still possible to achieve reasonably good click-through of 3.0% and above.

Below are 10 effective steps that I have successfully used to help my clients boost click-throughs on their banner campaigns.

1. Employ Action Words

Use action words like "FREE" and "Click Here" in...
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